A funny situation that pushed me to my limits

My minutes of fame up here in Duved

A look back at all the achievements of the past 100 days of snow.


Enjoying the most of the resort in a long continuous run

Trying to make the best out of some very complicated times

A nice view from the Skistar webcams

How to avoid a very common mistake that we’ve all been making

Image credit: Viktor Hanacek on picjumbo

The weather is sunny, the conditions are great and the weekend looked perfect for some fun on the airbag!

Grab some drinks, get some chips, invite some snowboarding friends over because today we are going to prepare our boards for the season!

  • Waxing iron

Hitting the stores before hitting the slopes!

João R.G. Sampaio

Programming as a career, snowboarding as a passion, writing as a hobby.

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